Back from Easter hols


In the context of this blog, the Easter holidays were rather ill-timed.

The blog had only just been born, when I rushed home to celebrate the Easter holidays with my friends and family. And although it was relaxing – I don’t think I’ve drunk more cups of tea in my life – I could feel the crackling energy of Sheffield pulling me back from the sleepy little town I grew up in.

There’s one particular treat to look forward to this week: The University of Sheffield’s production of West Side Story!

The brave society that have chosen to stage this notoriously complex work by Leonard Bernstein are SUPAS, who have a long history of putting on a wide range of musicals at the university. There’s no doubt in my mind, though, that West Side Story is the most ambitious work the society has ever staged, so I’m particularly looking forward to it.

The musical is running from April 30th – May 3rd, 7.30pm at the University Drama Studio on Glossop Road.

In the meantime (before the review goes up) here’s a little snippet of one of my favourite local bands, Screaming Maldini.

The band have recently finished a 10 day tour in Japan, and will soon be back gigging in Sheffield. Take a listen to their new track, Abyssinia

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