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Good day and hello!

Thanks for taking a wee moment to check out our new blog dedicated to exploring the ever-evolving Sheffield arts scene.

I didn’t know much about Sheffield when I drove three hours north on my first day as a student. Over the next three years, I rarely left the small student enclave which encompassed my house, department and union, and after graduating, naively assumed that I’d seen most of the city.

Since returning after the summer, I’ve realised what a preposterous notion that was. The city centre, and other areas – such as Kelham Island – are jam packed full of exciting people creating original works of art. One issue is that they often don’t receive much attention from student circles. On top of this are the numerous student productions and exhibitions which – despite vigorous flyer-ing in the city centre – rarely attract locals except in drips and drabs.

In other words, there’s a slight fracture between student and city life. Luckily, this appears to be changing. The explosion of up-market cafes and restaurants, which appear to overturn conventional methods of the hospitality trade, is one way in which this is being remedied. These types of places help to encourage artistically inclined minds to meet each other, alongside providing fantastic opportunities for networking.

If you have any ideas for the blog, or are interested in writing for it, please contact me at



Nick Willoughby


1 thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Nick,

    You emailed about press tickets to review Midland Players Time of my Life this week for your blog. I did email you back yesterday night but I don’t know if its got stuck in your junk mail or something? Anyway, we are happy to do that, just let us know which night you want to come.



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